Zensy AS is a Norwegian proptech startup that develops technology that makes gutters smart.

Zensy AS develops technology that makes gutters smart. This reduces water damage to buildings and prevents dangerous icicles, and saves both time and money on operation and maintenance.

Our business model is selling sensors with a recurring subscription – hardware & SaaS, and our target customers is companies and organizations that own and / or operate and maintain buildings.

The Team

Stian Bråss
Stian BråssCEO & Founder
Stian is the technical one that has developed the sensor, mobile apps, api and backend that is Zensy.
He has more than 15 years experience from e-commerce, data-driven digital marketing and is our CEO/CTO.
Thomas Tjelland
Thomas TjellandCFO & Founder
Thomas has domain knowledge and a wide industry network. He has been working with specialty cleaning for more than 20 years, and has been selling products and machines for gutter cleaning since 2016. He is a productive entrepreneur that has founded several successful companies in the past.
Nando The Dog
Nando The DogWatchdog & Co-Founder
Nando has been deeply involved in the making of Zensy. Always looking out for “intruders”.

Company Timeline

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Want to discuss opportunities?

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