Wireless Smart Camera that monitors your rain gutters & roof drains

Unngå kostbare vannskader grunnet tette takrenner.

Unngå kostbare vannskader grunnet tette takrenner.

Zensy Vision uses AI to assess the need for maintenance, and alerts you before your rain gutters or roof drains need to be cleaned. Get ahead of water damage and problems.


Zensy Vision is 100% wireless! It has a long-lasting battery, 5 year+, and wireless communication through LTE-M that ensures coverage without the use of WiFi.

Full Control

With Zensy you get a user-friendly dashboard. There you get immediate overview and control of all your gutters.
Zensy Vision, the smart gutter camera, notifies you before your gutters or roof drains become clogged up, so you can be pro-active to prevent water damage to your buildings.

This is Condition-based maintenance for your rain gutters, made easy.


Zensy Vision uses AI to analyze and assess the need for gutter maintenance by monitoring the rain gutters for you.


Vi kan bistå i å implementere Zensy ved bruk av vårt API.

Zensy Vision

Zensy Vision is the worlds-first gutter monitoring solution, created to give you full control on your buildings rain gutters and roof drains – every day, all year round!

Lett å installere

Zensy Vision can be used with most gutters, and can be installed without the need for speciality tools. Just clip it onto the rain gutter you want to monitor.

Zensy Vision
A Smart Gutter Camera

Ingen flere vannskader

Ingen flere vannskader

Just clip the smart Zensy Gutter Camera onto your buildings rain gutters, or mount it next to your drains, and get alerted before they get clogged up.



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