Wireless sensor that monitors your gutters

Avoid costly water damage to your buildings.

Avoid costly water damage to your buildings.

Zensy uses AI to assess the need for maintenance, and alerts you before the gutters need to be cleaned. Get ahead of water damage and problems.


The sensor is battery powered and does not need an electrician or special tools to install.


Save time and money by getting alerts and notifications before you run into problems.


Zensy uses AI to analyze and assess the need for maintenance.


We can assist in implementing Zensy in other systems you already are using.

Mobile App

Zensy can easily be controlled by our easy-to-use app. The app is available for iOS & Android.

Zensy i takrenne

Easy to Install

The sensor can be used with most gutters, and can be installed without the need for speciality tools.

Android & iOS

Easy to Use Mobile App.

Easy to Use Mobile App.

Get alerts and a quick overview of your buildings rain gutters directly in the app.

Our pilot projects

Our pilot projects

We have started pilot projects with some exciting clients to make Zensy as good as possible before product launch.

We are very fortunate to work with these amazing partners

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