About this project

RUMAS (Rent Utemiljø AS) is a company located in the greater Oslo area in Norway that offers special cleaning and gutter cleaning for companies and for public agencies.
They serve many clients, and are responsible for a large number of buildings. This means that they spend a lot of time and resources inspecting their customers’ gutters. Since they carry out the inspection manually today, which is time-consuming, customers’ buildings are rarely inspected more than once or twice a year.

They will now install ten sensors on selected buildings, and the goal is to reduce unnecessary use of resources and be able to perform maintenance where it is actually needed – without wasting resources on buildings and gutters where no maintenance is needed.

We are excited that RUMAS sees the potential of installing Zensy on its customers’ buildings, and we are confident that this will free up resources and increase the profitability of RUMAS in the future.

Rent Utemiljø AS Logo
Published On: 1. April 2022